Website and Services Changes

Beginning June 2017, I will be making changes to both my website and available services.  One of my personal goals for this year was to make life simpler, and that includes my healing practice. I am combining some of my services since they cross paths anyway, and some I will no longer be offering. This will help me focus on the services I feel most called to offer.  Hopefully this website will be much easier to navigate once I’m finished. I will also be offering few Reiki classes. I prefer to teach larger classes, and hopefully offering fewer will increase […]

How to Choose a Reiki Master/Teacher – Nashville Reiki

Warning:  Rant Ahead!  This is a word of advice to choose your Reiki Master/Teacher wisely.  Do the research, and find someone that resonates with you.  Trust your instinct! I have seen several advertisements lately from Reiki Masters trying to make a quick buck teaching first and second degree Reiki.  Many offer the first and second degree class combined, which I am against.  Many are including second and third degree symbols with the first level class.  And I have also seen classes that were only one or two hours long.  You cannot possibly teach everything there is to know about Reiki […]

Reflexology – What to Expect

​Reflexology Session – What to Expect Many people ask me to explain Reflexology, and what they can expect from a session.  First and foremost, Reflexology is an holistic healing modality.  Holistic healing means the whole person is healed — body, mind and spirit. There are pressure points on the feet (and hands) that represent every organ and system in the body.  By applying pressure to these points, you stimulate that part of the body, initiating a healing response.  Through Reflexology, you boost the body’s natural immune system, and awaken the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  This process returns the […]

How do I choose between Reflexology, Reiki, or Shamanism?

How do I choose between Reflexology, Reiki, or Shamanism? I get asked this question occasionally, and I can see how it can be confusing.  All three practices are a form of energy work, and each are holistic in that they heal the body, mind and spirit.  But the first question to ask is why are you seeking holistic healing?  Are you stressed out?  Do you have a medical condition and seek alternative healing?  Do you have some deep-seated depression or anger issues you need to resolve?  Or are you just looking to take care of yourself, and maybe enjoy some […]

Source of Healing Energy

A lady called recently inquiring about a Reiki treatment, and asked me where the source of my energy comes from.  The question caught me off guard and I fumbled with my answer for a few seconds.  The question makes me wonder how many people worry if there is something magical involved in the healing energies.  My answer is NO, there is nothing magical, and especially nothing dark, about it. By definition, Reiki is a healing modality that uses the Universal Life Force energy for healing, balance, and rejuvenation.  Universal Life Force is the energy that flows through all living things:  […]

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