Source of Healing Energy

A lady called recently inquiring about a Reiki treatment, and asked me where the source of my energy comes from.  The question caught me off guard and I fumbled with my answer for a few seconds.  The question makes me wonder how many people worry if there is something magical involved in the healing energies.  My answer is NO, there is nothing magical, and especially nothing dark, about it.

By definition, Reiki is a healing modality that uses the Universal Life Force energy for healing, balance, and rejuvenation.  Universal Life Force is the energy that flows through all living things:  people, animals, plants, earth, and the universe.  It’s the backbone of the web of life that connects all living beings.  My opinion is that it comes from the original Source.  This Source is the mystical part of life that is bigger than all of us.  It’s usually labeled God, Goddess, Creator, Allah, Spirit, and whatever you prefer to call it.  My personal choice is Spirit.  I believe in God, but find the word limiting.  I don’t like to put my God in a box, and I like the personal relationship I can have with Spirit.

The intuitive, shamanic type healings I practice come directly from Spirit, or God if you prefer.  I communicate directly with Spirit during these healing sessions.  Spirit guides my intuition during these sessions to locate the illness or disease.  Spirit also leads me thru the healing process.  The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but sometimes we need help.  During a Shamanic session, Spirit leads me through actions that help remove the emotional and/or energy causes of illness and disease, and allow the person and body to begin healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In all sessions, Spirit (God) is the source of my healing energy.  And as we often hear, God is Love, so the healing is from a source of the ultimate love that resonates through all life.

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