Roy Howard Hamilton is a Registered Certified Reflexologist, Modern Day Shaman, Reiki Master / Teacher, Tarot Reader, and Rootworker in Nashville, Tennessee. He knew from an early age that he was meant to be a healer, but due to various reason, ignored his calling for many years. Through a chain of circumstances, he accepted his destiny, and is now a full-time healer.

Roy is a very spiritual person, pulling from various traditions to form his own path in life, and calls himself a Catholic Witch.  His Catholic background formed his attraction to the Saints, which led to the development of his Spirit Essentials line of conjure products, which can be found at https://www.aromagregory.com/product-category/magicofsaintsandangelsoils/ .

Roy supports the green and sustainability movements. He tries not to eat processed foods, and opts for organic vegetables most of the time, including growing his own. He recycles, uses all natural, eco-friendly cleaning products, and tries to live simply in an otherwise hectic world. For recreation, Roy enjoys reading (especially books of a spiritual nature), writing, walking, photography, and gardening.

He and his husband Greg are proud owners of Aromagregory Creative Inc. They offer a full line of all natural soaps (which they make), as well as natural lotions and creams, candles and essential oils, and metaphysical products. Their products are available online for retail and wholesale customers, and they have a shop in Nashville called AromaG’s Botanica.

Roy is the proud father of two grown children.  He and Greg also have 4 cats (2 indoor, 2 outdoor).  They adopted the indoor cats, and the outdoor cats adopted them.