Retirement: A New Beginning

This month I officially retired after 28 years with the same employer. Yay me! I had intended to work a couple of more years, but sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you planned. I firmly believe that Spirit took over, kicked my ass, and said you are out of there. She had been telling me this for a while, but of course I didn’t listen, acting as if I was in complete control. OK, lessons learned, listen to Spirit when she speaks or she will not speak softly the second time.

If you have looked at the pages on this site, you know I am a healer and a writer. I know this in the very core of my soul. Spirit has told me this often, but I didn’t always listen to her instruction to make it my calling. I insisted I could be these things and keep my day job. Living two lives was impossible, at least for me. I could not balance the stress of my day job with being a healer and writer in the off hours. I was not superman, and didn’t have a super-healer t-shirt to wear under my dress shirt and tie everyday. I lied to myself that I could work all day and turn the stress off at quitting time to help others.

I have been away from the office for three weeks now, and am completely amazed at all the ways Spirit is already working in my life. I admit that I was naive and thought I would only be dealing with the daily life changes of being retired. Many changes are at work now, and more are coming. It is a scary to say the least, and maybe a bit overwhelming, but it is ALL GOOD. I’m ready now.

Today I am blessed. I am healing myself and others. I have learned to walk hand-in-hand with Spirit to be the person I am meant to be. Life is good.

Namaste, Blessed Be, and may all things be as they should be.

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