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Roy Howard Hamilton is Registered Certified Reflexologist, licensed by the State of TN.

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the massage and stimulation of pressure points on the hands and feet, which activates the body’s natural immune and healing systems.  Reflexology improves your immune systems, stimulates the organs, and improves your energy returning you to a natural balance of the body, mind and spirit.

Does Reflexology tickle or hurt?

No, Reflexology should never tickle or hurt.  Firm pressure is used while working the reflex points on the feet.  Occasionally a reflex point on the foot can be tender to the touch.  If you notice a tender point during your treatment, just let your therapist know so he can use a lighter touch.  A tender point can indicate congestion in the corresponding reflex in the body, and may need to be worked on for a few extra minutes to remove the congestion.

Reflexology feels like a firm, thorough foot massage.  Reflex points on the top and bottom of the feet up to the ankles will be worked with a firm pressure, and the session will end with a relaxing lotion rub of the feet, ankles and lower legs.

How long does a session last?

I officer a 30 or 45 minute sessions.  How many sessions will be needed? That’s hard to answer without a consultation.  If you are in need of treatment for a specific illness or weakness, multiple short sessions (10-15 minutes) often help after your initial session.  We can discuss pricing for those during your first visit.

Who should consider Reflexology therapy?

Everyone!!  Reflexology boosts the immune system, helps the body to detox, and returns the body to a natural state of homeostasis.  Reflexology is especially helpful with chronic disease, along with your traditional medical treatments.  Many people with cancer, HIV, diabetes, kidney stones, digestive disorders, reproduction/menstrual disorders, immune disorders, and hormone disorders have found Reflexology to be an effective complementary treatment.  Reflexology can also be very helpful to the elderly, and those in hospice.

Tell me more about Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural, holistic therapy based on the discovery that there are points in the hands and feet which correspond to organs, systems and structures within the entire body.  This corresponding relationship is called a ‘reflex’.  A reflex occurs when stimulation of one point brings about a response in another point or area.  In reflexology, by using special pressure techniques to stimulate the points on the hands and feet, imbalances in the tissues, organs and systems of the body can both be detected and effectively treated to restore balance and well-being.

As a holistic therapy, Reflexology shares an approach to health and healing of disease common to other complementary disciplines such as homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine and acupuncture.  This approach takes an energetic viewpoint, one that sees that the person and their disease cannot be divided up into separately treatable parts, but must be understood and treated as a whole — mind, emotions, body and even spirit, each interacting and influencing the other.