Nashville Shamanic Practitioner


Roy Howard Hamilton is a Trained Shamanic Practitioner and Modern Day Shaman, with a focus on soul healing. His specialty includes healing from traumas and abuse, ancestral healing, removing blocked energy, and helping his clients live full, authentic lives.  I have combined my Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques into one healing session: Shamanic Reiki.

What is a Shaman?

Nashville Shaman

The term Shaman can mean different things to different people.  Generally a shaman is one who interacts with the spirit world on behalf of another for healing.  There are reports of Shaman healers in every tribe of people since the recorded history of man.  Shamanism was on the decline for a long time due to religious influence, and the western attitude that it was superstitious and primitive.  Thankfully the practice is becoming accepted again, and viewed by many as a sought after modality of alternative healing.

How is one healed through Shamanism?

There can be many influences that make us sick physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Some of the biggest influences are traumatic experiences or illness, stress, and abusive relationships.  Two things can happen after experiencing any of these.  First, the experience can leave stress residue in our body and soul, and block the natural energy flow.  Second, and very often, you can actually lose part of your soul during trauma.  As a Shaman, Roy can intuitively see the stress residue in the body, and help remove it.  When a person loses a part of their soul, the Shaman can visit the spirit world, find it, and bring it back.  Once you are reunited with your missing soul pieces, true healing can begin.

Many times negative energy or entities can attach itself to a person.  This can happen during stressful periods of our lives.  The stress can attach itself to the tissues and bones in the body, and especially to the spirit of the person. As a Shaman, Roy can cleanse and remove the negative energy and entities.  Shamanism is also a helpful tool for curse or hex removal.  (Yes, this really does happen).