Being Spiritual

Being Spiritual I hear a lot of buzz these days about the Spiritual but Not Religious, especially in the younger crowds.  Churches are obviously watching this group closely because as fewer people identify with religion, the church population decreases.  Most of the people I know are not religious, and I don’t consider myself to be religious either.  I am a confirmed Roman Catholic, but I don’t attend on a regular basis.  Every few months I get the desire to go to Mass.  I will go for a several weeks and then I’m good again for the next six months.  I […]

I Blame Religion

I Blame Religion This post was originally written in August 2012 on my other blog.  I am moving the post here while I clean up or close the other site. I listened to a great talk by Rabbi Rami Shapiro this morning at the Greater Nashville Unitarian Universalist Church.  His theme was all things are possible with God, which is not always a good thing.  His points made me think about events in my life, especially related to members of my family.  Rabbi Rami might not approve of me adding my personal thoughts to his sermon, but hopefully he would […]

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters I have often said that Jesus was one of the great Ascended Masters, a prophet much like Buddha, Muhammad, Abraham, and others.  Beyond that, I’m not sure.  I guess you could call me an agnostic when it comes to Jesus.  I believe he existed, that he was one with God, and had many things to teach us.  I doubt the stories of the virgin birth and being raised from the dead.  These are not original stories, and do they even matter?  As long as we listen and learn from his teachings do we need to believe the rest? […]

Gay and Catholic

By now most people have heard the story about Cardinal Dolan refusing to allow gay protesters enter the church for Mass.  I was very upset when I read the story, and stayed that way most of the day.  This story laid heavy on my heart, but I didn’t know exactly why.  I can connect with being gay and Catholic, and even though I wasn’t there and haven’t attended Mass in years, I still felt betrayed and rejected by the church. My first reaction was to send a letter to the local parish where my membership is still recorded, and instruct […]

Boston and God

Like everyone in this country, my heart sank when I first heard the news about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. The sadness is only out-weighed by the stories of the heroes who took action to save lives and limbs. There truly are good people in the world. Sadly, there are also nuts in this world. I’m already hearing stories about Westboro picketing the funerals, saying God sent the bombs because he hates fags. That ridiculous, asinine bunch is an embarrassment to mankind. I’m sure there are those that are saying where was God, or why did God let this happen? No […]

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