Boston and God

Like everyone in this country, my heart sank when I first heard the news about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. The sadness is only out-weighed by the stories of the heroes who took action to save lives and limbs. There truly are good people in the world. Sadly, there are also nuts in this world. I’m already hearing stories about Westboro picketing the funerals, saying God sent the bombs because he hates fags. That ridiculous,¬†asinine¬†bunch is an embarrassment to mankind.

I’m sure there are those that are saying where was God, or why did God let this happen? No one can know the true answer to that question. There is no answer. Christians will wonder, some will blame the devil, haters will blame God, and non-believers will use it as proof. And every opinion in between will be shared on news and social media sites.

So what do I believe? First I don’t believe in a devil running around and inflicting pain and torture. That would be humans filling that role. I do believe in evil, and it lives in the heart of many, too many these days. It’s a fact of life, and we all must live with it, and hopefully live through it.

But why did God let this happen? Personally, I don’t believe that God gets involved in every detail of our lives, every day. We were created with free will, and some of us don’t use it wisely. I do not believe, nor will I ever, that God creates these situations for his use. I heard a woman say one time that God gave her cancer for a reason. Never will I believe that! My God is good and not capable of inflicting such pain and torment. God didn’t let this happen, but nor did he stop it. God gave us our lives, and it is up to each one of us individually to decide what we will do with it. Some choose to do harm. We will never remedy that, and sad things will continue to happen.

And when they do, we will look for God. And we will find God in the clean up. We will see his work in the heroes who save, protect, and love the victims. We will see God in the doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, and military who put their own lives on the line to save others. We will see God in the tears of victims’ families who deal with the losses and bury their own. And in our sorrow, we need to be thankful for these people, and recognize the Christ conscious that continues to live today.

The Christ conscious lives in our hearts and in our works. We create it within us, and share it with others. We will never fully understand how and why horrible things happen, but we can learn from them. We can remember the victims and the heroes, and ask ourselves every day: What am I doing today that shares the Christ conscious? Did anyone see God in my actions today? And will I be a hero to someone in need?

God bless the victims, families and loved ones affected by the bombings. May the Christ conscious be shown to you today.

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