Retirement Update

Post Retirement – Update

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five months since I retired from the corporate world, fondly known as hell.  Some times it seems like only yesterday, and other times it seems like a lifetime ago, and in many ways it was.  There were several adjustments at first, especially not having a set daily schedule, but the transition was easy for the most part.  The best part is putting the stress of the workplace behind me, and moving on.

Life has been good since I left the office.  I’m living the life I was meant to live.  I’m a full-time healer now, and that heals me too.  My spiritually has grown much deeper and continues to evolve.  I’m definitely a much calmer, less stressed-out person.  I’m thankful for the life I have now, and I take time each day to express my gratitude.  Each day feels like a custom order between me and Spirit.

I am a bit disappointed that no one has asked me how I’m doing since I left the office.  I thought I had friends at the office, but I see now they were only work friends.  I’ve had lunch with some of my old co-workers, and I realized that we didn’t have much in common, if anything.  They only talked about the office, gave me updates on all the latest rumors, but never asked me what I’m doing with my days.  It’s a lesson learned though.  I should have separated my work life and personal life more.

So what’s next?  Making new friends is at the top of my life.  Friends that are interested in me and what I’m doing.  I want to be surrounded by those of like mind and interests, and develop meaningful relationships.  Continuing to discover my own spirituality will be an on-going experience and I look forward to seeing where my path leads.  And growing as a human rounds out the top three.  I need to work on being a more compassionate person, taking care of myself and others (replacing the CYA attitude of the corporate world), and learning to give back and always be thankful for the gifts and blessings I continue to receive.

Every day is a new adventure.  I have goals for the future, but for the first time in my life, I am living day to day, and enjoying each day.


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