How do I choose between Reflexology, Reiki, or Shamanism?

How do I choose between Reflexology, Reiki, or Shamanism?

I get asked this question occasionally, and I can see how it can be confusing.  All three practices are a form of energy work, and each are holistic in that they heal the body, mind and spirit.  But the first question to ask is why are you seeking holistic healing?  Are you stressed out?  Do you have a medical condition and seek alternative healing?  Do you have some deep-seated depression or anger issues you need to resolve?  Or are you just looking to take care of yourself, and maybe enjoy some pampering?  You can find answers to all of these through holistic healing.

REIKI is an excellent stress buster.  There is so much stress in the world today, and people are coming and going at an unbelievable pace, with way too many obligations.  All this stress can take a toll on your physical and emotional energy.  Reiki balances your energy, removes energy blocks and lifts your spirits.  It can also help with energy imbalances caused by toxic habits, and stressful events such as marriage, divorce, death, etc.  The body has the built-in ability to heal itself, and the loving healing energy received during a Reiki session will kick-start the healing process.  The energy goes where it’s needed, whether physical (wounds, surgery, disease) or emotional (depression, sadness, ADHD). Reiki is also a wonderful healing practice for insomnia.  Many people report that they sleep better after a Reiki session than they have in a long time.

Besides enjoying a fantastic foot massage, REFLEXOLOGY is also an holistic healing practice.  Every organ and system of the body have reflex points in the feet.  By applying pressure to these reflex points, you promote the healing process.  During a full treatment, every organ and system in the body is stimulated, helping them to return to their natural healed state.  The immune and hormone systems are returned to normal functioning levels.  Reflexology is also an alternative healing practice.  For example, if you suffer from kidney stones, working those reflexes have helped many pass those painful stones without surgery.  A full treatment is good for overall healing and relaxation.  Specific conditions can be worked on in multiple, short sessions working only the needed reflexes.

Reiki and Reflexology can be combined  for the ultimate energy healing and relaxation session.  Just ask for it and pamper yourself.

SHAMANISM is for the serious seeker.  Have you ever seen the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know,” where the boy asks how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?  How far do you want to go for true and complete healing?  Shamans work with the spirit world on your behalf for healing.  If you suffer from deep depression or anxiety issues, have emotional wounds from past abuse or traumatic events, feel like you have negative energy (or negative entities) “attached” to you that you can’t get rid of, or you are ready to get rid of all the funk of years past and move on with your life, then Shamanism is your best path.  Negative energy and emotional wounds from high stress and abuse can attach itself to your body, causing energy imbalances leading to emotional and spiritual issues, and even physical illness.  Sometimes these events from our past can be so bad that we block them away, which means we actually block away part of our soul.  Once this happens, you will never be fully whole, or happy.  A shaman can help you retrieve that part of your soul you sent away.

Think about what kind of healing you need.  You need to get to the root cause for true healing.  Hopefully these descriptions will help.  As always, contact me if you have any questions and I can help you decide.


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