Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

If you are like me, you consider yourself a foodie and follow every organic food group on Facebook.  There is so much information going around the web about what is good for you, and what isn’t, you can drive yourself crazy trying to decide what to have for lunch.  One day this berry is the super food of all super foods and will make you live to 150, and the next day a new story comes out and says it will damage your liver, shut down your kidneys and cause your children to have three arms.  Eat meat, don’t eat meat.  Drink dairy, don’t drink dairy.  How the hell are you supposed to know what to eat?

I’ve decided to stop reading those stories, and stop watching all the foodie movies and do what is right for MY body.  I’ve tried being vegetarian, and it left me hungry.  I’ve tried vegan and it left me tired, hungry and grumpy.  When I was trying to be meat-free, I ate way to many faux meat products which are carb loaded.  Faux meats are processed foods, and I think we can all agree that they can’t be good for you in the long run.  Faux cheese suck.  And faux sausage taste like cardboard with pepper.

We have decided to just eat real food…meat and vegetables.  Nothing from a box or can.  We have cut way way back on the sugars, and cut out breads completely.  This works for my body.  Cutting back those carbs I have more energy, don’t get sleepy in the afternoon, and I’ve lost a few pounds.  We haven’t had soda, diet or regular, since early September, and we have drastically cut back on how much sugar we put in tea and coffee.  We’re slowly working sugar completely out of our diets.

I am trying to stay away from dairy.  When we first started eating this way, we were cooking with butter again, and using cream in our coffee.  After only a couple of week I could tell my arthritis was getting worse.  So we cut out the dairy, and the pain went away.  We use Healthy Balance spread, and soy milk in our coffee.

This works for us.  I think the real key to being healthy is finding the diet that works right for your body, and cutting out the processed and sugary foods.  Eat what makes you feel your best all day, get some exercise, and be happy.

Namaste, and happy eating!

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