Slow Food Update 1

So far we are doing great on our commitment to only eat slow foods this year. I know it’s only been a few days, but that’s major for us. Monday we had salad for lunch, baked flounder, roasted garlic potatoes, and a vegetable stir fry for dinner. Tuesday we had salads for lunch, and vegetarian baked spaghetti for dinner. Today we had leftover spaghetti for lunch, and burgers and fries for dinner.

I know burgers and fries doesn’t sound healthy, but it’s OK to have your favirites occasionally. The burgers were from organic beef, 96% lean, with no hormones or antibiotics and vegetarian fed. The fries were hand peeled and cut by me 🙂 Speaking of fries, have you ever noticed that frozen fries from the supermarket have an ingredient list? They are full of preservatives and whatever else those ingredients are you can’t pronounce. It’s OK to have home cooked fries occasionally, but make sure you use fresh potatoes and slice them yourself. Perferrably buy them from a local farmer or the farmers market, or grown them yourself.

Cooking lean organic meats can be a bit tricky if you aren’t used to it. Since the meat isn’t full of fat, it may seem dry. To fry burgers in a skillet, be sure to cook on lower temps and put a lid on the skillet. This will help keep the moisture in, and the skillet from drying out and smoking.

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