The Calling

I’ve heard it said many times
God is calling you
What does that mean
Will I hear a loud booming voice in my sleep
Will I hear the whisper of a mother’s coaxing
How will I know this voice from all the others in my head
Or is it a voice that I created

Sometimes I think I hear this voice
Like a voice crying out in the night
It plants thoughts in my mind before I sleep
It tells me of a purpose in my life
It calms me so I sleep
But it leaves me before I wake

Where did you go
I heard, I listened
I lived the play in my mind
I accepted the message of my purpose
I was joyful and calm
And then I slept

Does God only talk to me as I drift
As a mother soothes a sleepy child
Or do I only listen for God when I’m calm
Perhaps a calling from God is a whisper
To be heard only in the quiet recesses of the mind
If I quiet my mind in the warming sun
Will she return to me

Is a call from god a voice from the heavens
That beckons me to listen
Or is a call from god
A call from me to god
My voice that says I’m listening
My heart that says I’m still
My soul that says I’m ready

Be still and know that I am God

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