I am a Writer

I am a writer. There are some days when all I can think about is writing. This sounds like a good thing, though some days it can be a burden. I get caught up in the all the definitions and opinions of what a writer is or should be. Instead of spending time writing, I spend my time deciding what to write, planning to write, or worrying about the reading audience, and at the end of the day I haven’t written one word. I have many ideas for books. And as of today, they are still ideas. I have started […]

The Calling

I’ve heard it said many times God is calling you What does that mean Will I hear a loud booming voice in my sleep Will I hear the whisper of a mother’s coaxing How will I know this voice from all the others in my head Or is it a voice that I created Sometimes I think I hear this voice Like a voice crying out in the night It plants thoughts in my mind before I sleep It tells me of a purpose in my life It calms me so I sleep But it leaves me before I wake […]

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