St. Mary’s Bookstore

I went to St. Mary’s Bookstore this morning after breakfast. I love walking around that store looking at all the statues and rosaries.  And of course I picked up a few things while I was there. I bought a small crucifix for my bedroom, and one for my daughter’s dorm room.  It’s been a long time since I had a crucifix hanging in my room, but it feels like it’s time again.  I have one wall with a Buddha and mala beads.  My dresser has a hand drum and a Native American flute.  The crucifix should fit right in with the theme of being a spiritual place.


I also bought a small statue of Mary.  I always prefer the statues where she is holding a baby.  During my years of living pagan, I still never let go of Mary.  She became my goddess, and still is today.  I have always felt safe talking to Mary.  I think most Catholics venerate Mary as the mother of Jesus, and many more as the mother of God.  For me, Mary is the mother of all.  The Native Americans celebrate Mother Earth.  Pagans and Hindus honor the goddess.  I find all these in the person of Mary.  When I was confirmed in the Catholic church many years ago, I had a dream that night that Mary stood by my bed, laid her hand on my head, and said you are loved.  I have never forgotten that soft comforting voice.  I will never know for sure if it was just a dream, or if Mary came to me in a dream, but it doesn’t really matter.  I experienced it either way.


I also bought a new crucifix and two medallions for my necklace today.  Now I will have two different protection necklaces depending on my mood, or maybe I will wear both.  My first has a pentagram, an arrowhead, and a tiger’s eye.  Now I have a crucifix, a miraculous medallion, and a four way medallion.  I used to wear the four way medallion all the time, wouldn’t leave home without it.  The four way is a combination of the four most common medallions:  the Miraculous, the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, and St. Christopher.


So what does all this mean for me spiritually?  Not much really.  Just the realization lately that once a catholic, always a catholic.  My spirituality hasn’t changed, only enchanced by the inclusion of something I have always been.  I tell many people that God is with us many forms.  I try to work with all of them.


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