The Mayan Oracle

Last night I told Greg that I wanted to go browse around a book store, so we went to a Books-A-Million near our house. I didn’t have any books in mind I wanted to buy, but I just felt the urge to go. We were looking around the New Age section when I spotted a copy of “The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light”. It was sitting on the shelf at eye level, and was whispering pick me. The package was shrink wrapped so I couldn’t see the cards, but I knew instantly that I wanted it.

I opened the package as soon as we got home and started looking at the cards and reading the book. The deck is composed of 44 cards – 20 Mayan star-glyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 “lenses of the mystery.” One of the first exercises is to find your Mayan totem. To find your totem, you draw one card from the Mayan star-glyphs, and the archetype you draw is your totem. This totem is a symbol of where you are now on your journey.

I chose the CIB card, pronounced keeb. Receiving CIB is an acknowledgement that you are already a dedicated journeyer on the path that unites heart and mind in devotion to the Divine. According to the book, “CIB, the mystic ferryman on the return path to the stars, offers you the gift of his staff. As a connection point between the Earth plane and the Divine, this staff represents a conduit for communication with All That Is. Open yourself to receive this great gift!”

The common Mayan usage for CIB is the owl, which is kind of cool since we recently saw an owl on our patio. The symbols for CIB are the staff, rod, and owl. I had recently told Greg that I wanted a staff, so this card resonated with me instantly. The element is fire, and the direction is South.

The shadow wisdom for CIB is lacking trust in your inner knowing, your ability to feel and act on guidance from Spirit. In CIB’s shadow, you may doubt your connection to your Essence Self, your inner voice. “Are you listening for the roar of a lion and not perceiving the precious, subtle whisperings from within?” That’s me….always waiting for the roar, and never trusting my inner guide. I’m always waiting for the loud booming voice to give me that answers I need.

The meditation for CIB is “I am the transcendent splendor of the night-blossomed lotus atop your golden, luminous staff.” The affirmation for CIB is “I take up the staff of my power.”

I am ready to take up the staff of my power. I am not going to work with any of the other cards for at least a week, and will work on learning to trust as CIB suggests. I plan to do the mudra, meditation, and affirmation of CIB daily for the next week to see what happens. Then I will move to the next exercise to find my ally.

These cards entered my life at the perfect time. The past week at the office hasn’t been a good one, and I’ve come to realize that I put too much energy and focus into my day job, and put my personal goals on hold in order to be good employee. My efforts have not paid off, and I have not been happy or satisfied. I believe this to be partly because of the people I work for, but mostly because better things are intended of me. I realized a long time ago that I wasn’t fulfilling my life purpose, and CIB has helped me recognize that again. I cannot be open to the cosmic conscious when my mind is always at work, and the stress keeps me from being still and trusting my inner guides.

This has been a great day. I have felt so alive. Somehow this card validated what I already knew inside, but had doubted for a long time. I know I will be working very closely with The Mayan Oracle, and will give updates here about my journey. Wish me luck.

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