Catching Up

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but life has been a little crazy for the past few weeks.  At least I have been a bit crazy, and haven’t been able to formulate my thoughts.  Life seems to be changing, new directions becoming apparent, and it’s all good.  Friends and family know that my life has been filled with hellish overtones the past 3 years.  All those stressors are gone now, and the universe is open with possibilities again.

One would think that after going through a really rough period of bad events and bad people, you would be prepared for blue skies and laughter when it is finally over.  I found it didn’t happen that easily for me.  Relax.  That seems like such a simple thing to do, but I discovered it’s not like riding a bicycle, you do forget how.  The boss from hell is gone now, FIRED, and my phone is not going to interrupt my day off with the crisis de jour.  Like today, I can now enjoy my Saturday morning coffee at Bongo Java in peace.

But I am happy to report the relaxing part is improving each day.  My brain, my mind, is slowing down.  I don’t walk around every day with my head filled with stress and hate, and images of launching Armageddon on her ass.  Those thoughts do creep back in occasionally, but I’m getting better at pushing them away.  I am becoming mindful of my thoughts again.  Buddha would be proud!

The good news is, as these negative thoughts exit, positive one enter.  Greg and I have had some great conversations about our futures recently.  He is starting college this fall, and I am so happy and proud to watch him take on the challenge of creating his own future.  His actions and enthusiasm have caused me to think about my own future, and the directions I have set for myself.  I’m thinking of going back to school myself this fall.  It’s exciting to see us grow and mature in our dreams and lives, together and individually.  I will write another post soon about my thoughts for my future.

Life is good.  That is my theme for today, for my life, and for my future.

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