Greg and I went to the local UU church today for Easter service. This was our second Sunday to the UU, and it seems to be a very good fit for us. The UU gives us a group of people to fellowship with, which is something I have missed lately, and doesn’t require us to change or hide what we really believe. I am pagan at heart, always been a witch and always will be; I am a little bit Buddhist, and try to incorporate the mindfulness training into my daily life; I would not call myself Christian by today’s definition, but I do believe in God and Jesus.

I believe Jesus was a great teacher and prophet. He was a revolutionary who taught against the teaching of the church. He taught that we are to love God, and we are to love each other. It’s all about love and relationships. Today’s Christian churches seemed to have missed that teaching these days. I believe if Jesus came back today, he would teach the same lesson he taught 2000 years ago, scrap the church of laws and rules, and find God again.

The church today is focused on the idea that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead after three days. I believe he was crucified, just for the things he said about the established church, which controlled the government. I don’t believe he rose from the dead though. But whether his resurrection is fact or myth doesn’t really matter. What does matter is did we hear the lessons that Jesus taught. Are we focused on God and taking care of each other? Do we provide food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless? Do we heal the sick, regardless of their social status or do we turn them away? Do we raise our children to respect their elders, each other, and themselves? Do we stand up for injustice, or are we just spectators waiting for someone else to speak up?

Easter is about new beginnings. Easter is about sacrifice. The sacrifice of doing what is right intstead of what is popular. The sacrifice of stepping out of our comfortable boundaries, and taking care of our neighbors that need our help, of accepting each other as children of God and nothing more, and taking care of the earth and life that are gifts of God. The sacrifice of this Easter should be a return to humanity, a return to love and acceptance, and a letting go of the prejudice, judgements, and stereotypes being preached today by churches, politicians, and media. Let this Easter be the day you give yourself permission to be the person that Jesus taught us to be, and not the person that’s expected of society.

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