Food Inc

OMG….I may never eat meat again! I heard about the movie “Food Inc” a while back, and finally watched it this past weekend. The cruelty to animals that I witnessed in this movie is unbelievable. I was so upset watching this movie, I thought I was going to cry and throw up at the same time. Michael Pollan is the writer, and you see a list of his other books here I am definitely going to buy his other books and read them too, as soon as I can get my stomach to calm down.

I am really tempted to purchase this movie on DVD so I can watch it often. I want to keep this idea fresh on my mind, and fall back into my bad ways of eating. I definitely do not want to go back to eating meat that came from industrial food farms. The scenes of baby chicks being hatched in a drawer so full they couldn’t move, and then being poured down a chute to a conveyor belt and having their heads painted for branding just made me want to run outside and pet my own chickens. I had no idea that the life cycle of these chickens is only 49 days! These chickens are fed so many steroids and growth hormones that they grow into full size adults in only 49 days after hatching. As adults they look unnatural with huge breasts and tiny legs that can’t even hold them up. The cows and pigs weren’t treated any better. They just stood around in the own waste and disease waiting to die so a million people could have a roast for dinner tonight. Even as I type this, my stomach is getting upset again.

I’ve talked before about becoming a vegetarian. I never put any real effort into changing, but for a while I did add a lot more vegetables to my diet, and tried some new things. As usual, I changed back to my lazy comfortable ways over time, and haven’t been eating as well lately. I guess those days are over now. I went to the grocery after work yesterday and bought a shopping basket full of fresh vegetables and other vegetarian goodies. For now I am a vegetarian, unless I can find a local farmer that sells meat and I can be sure they are free range, fed proper foods with steroids or antibiotics, and are treated like living beings during their life cycle.

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