Happy Birthday to ME

Yesterday was my 45th birthday, and it was a very good day. I only felt one day older, no broken hip, and no mid-life crisis, haha. I am still very young at heart, and I suspect I will be that way for a very long time, so I don’t feel 45 at all.

Greg closed the store early yesterday, and got home about the same time that I did. He took me out to dinner, and bought me a wonderful back drop for my coming photography business. It’s one of the great portable drops with a carry bag, and included white and black backgrounds. So now I have my camera, lenses, spot lighting, umbrella lighting, and the back drops. I am ready to be a studio photographer! I had Greg ask Jan this week about using the yoga studio to practice and she said yes. That’s a perfect room for me to set up my equipment and play with lighting and all the different settings on my camera. She also suggested that I offer to take yoga portraits of the students. What an awesome idea! A little more practice time, and I will do just that.

Now back to my birthday. I received many birthday wishes on facebook, by email, and by texts. Recently I’ve been pondering why I don’t have many friends, and even asked Spirit to help me with this. Yesterday he showed me that I do have many friends, I just haven’t taken the time to notice and appreciate them. I put a post on facebook last night thanking everyone for the warm wishes and being blessed for having such great friends. I need to remember this everyday, just not on my birthday, to be thankful for the friends in my life, and show them that I care.

So, happy birthday to me, and thank you to Spirit for a great life!

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