A Case for Truth

Last night I watched a documentary titled “A Case for Christ” about one man’s journey from atheism to Christianity. The documentary is about a supposedly hardcore atheist who embarks on a personal mission to prove whether or not the story of Jesus is real. Being a journalist for a popular news agency, he has access to many resources to either prove or disprove the existence of the Christ. Many interviews with religious scholars are presented supporting the virgin birth, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. Of course in the end, the guy is convinced, and becomes a Christian. There was no earth-shaking evidence presented, and the guy never said what specifically convinced him that Jesus was the Christ, but I do respect his journey. Most people would never devote two years of their life attempting to logically decide for themselves what to believe. His was an admirable quest, and I applaud this man for his actions.

I used to be envious of people that “knew” what they believed, and were loyal to their faith. I’m sure there are many people that question their beliefs. Many of those people will ultimately find a path that is their Truth, and others will spend their lives questioning. But I think the majority of people are sheeple, and new term I learned this week. They believe what they are told, follow the same path as their parents, co-workers, and friends, and never question if they are on the right path, or even wonder if other paths exist. I once told a man that I wasn’t a Christian, and he called me an atheist. Really?! There are only two possible options?

I have questioned my beliefs many times, and I hope I continue to do so. I go thru cycles of thinking “what if I’m wrong?” What if my parents were right and I should have stayed in that little Baptist church where I started Sunday school before I could read. It would be much easier in some ways to accept another’s Truth as your own, and not spend so much time thinking about it. I could have saved a shitload of money by not buying Buddhist, pagan, and philosophy books and just read the Bible. I could just go to church on Sunday morning, say amen a few times, and spend the other 6 1/2 days of the week being worldly, and feeling good about myself for knowing I’m right and everyone else is wrong. Nice thought, but that is not me.

My Truth is Jesus did exist as a man, and was one of many descended masters that was blessed with an inner knowledge of the interconnectedness of the universe known as God. Today I continue on my path that pulls from all the descended masters, of believing the divine exists in every living creature, of respecting nature as the ultimate mother of all, and of believing in a divine path of Truth known as the universe which I will never fully understand.

May the God in me always recognize and respect the God in you.

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