On God

As I work on my newest book idea about God, several questions come to mind about who God is, and what He/She is to me. I believe that God is the universe. God is creation, not necessarily limited to being a creator. God is everything and everyone. He/She is ever evolving, ever growing, not limited by the scope and words of man. God is found in every person, every animal, every mineral. He/She is not separated from man as a king or ruler to be worshiped and feared from a distance, He/She is the very essence of life and love that we should all strive to become one with.

Each of us must find our personal path to becoming one with God. To quote a line I read recently, there are many paths to the mountain top. We must honor and respect each path as a transformation from worldly to godly. Religion is the biggest obstacle to finding God. When we as individuals follow the teachings of a religion, and stop seeking the oneness with God, we build walls that negate a true relationship with God. We only experience a God defined by books and teachers. Thru religion, we are restricted by rules and philosophies that prevent us from experiencing the true essence of God. When we begin to grow and question our own beliefs, we are stopped not by our own intentions, but by how our questions will be received by society and the leaders of our churches.

Our growth in God is limited only by the obstacles we allow in our lives. No matter what your perception of who Jesus was, no one can deny he was a revolutionary. He questioned the church and teachings of his day. We should be doing the same today, maybe not as a society in revolt, but within our own hearts and souls. It is not until we break the chains of religion and tradition that can truly experience God in our lives.

Fellowship is a core need in most people. We want to be with people of like mind, friends who make us laugh, partners to share our lives with. Today’s model of religion helps fill part of that need with churches. But we have taken that need too far. We have decided that multi-million dollar buildings are where we find and experience God, rather than looking in our back yard. God is present with us at the breakfast table, in our pets, in our indoor plants and outdoor flower gardens, and in the people with whom we choose to share our lives. I am not suggesting that we should abandon all churches, but I am suggesting that each person should seek out that place that allows them to question and discuss their own path with others, without risk of ridicule and persecution. And the milllions or billions of dollars spent each year on new church buildings would be better spent taking care of the homeless and hungry.

My wish for everyone everywhere is that they step outside the boundaries, color outside the lines, and begin to experience God within themselves. Take a few minutes each day and look around you and see God. Look at the people in your life – your partner, your child, your friends and co-workers – and see the God inside them. And most importantly, my wish for everyone is that they stop hiding behind the walls of religion and tradition, and allow everyone to openly see and experience the God inside of them.


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