Changes for July 2018

Starting this month, I’m back from a needed break.  I think we can all admit that the past year has been crazy, and I feel the effects like everyone else.  I was also taking too many appointments, and burned myself out.  I spent today updating my website with new limited hours, and scheduling Reiki classes.  It feels good to be back, doing what fuels my soul.  I’m still on break from doing Shamanic healings though, but more about that below.

Over the past few months, I’ve gone through many personal changes.  I feel good about that.  Change means growth.  And while my practice may look the same to most people, it’s very different for me.  I am more focused now on what types of healings I offer, and how I approach them.  I’m still thinking about the Shamanic healing, and whether I will offer that as a session again.  My Reiki healing sessions and Shamanic sessions have a combined energy, and I don’t think I can separate them anymore.  Soon you will see that I offer Shamanic Reiki, a session that includes both.

I’m also working on new classes.  I’ve used my time off to redesign my Reiki classes, and I am very happy with the new content and flow of the classes.  I’m currently working on plans for classes about using essential oils in Reiki, and using gems and stones in Reiki.

I watched a marketing video today that said to ask yourself what you do.  My goal is to help people become their best version of themselves.  Letting go of the past, easing their stress and anxiety, and offering spiritual guidance and consulting, is what my healing session are about.  Through individual sessions, group activities such as shamanic journeys, consultation and advice, I want to help people be happy, whole and successful.  My next group activity will be creating a spiritual healing group for gay men.

So stay tuned.  I’m waking up, again, and there’s more to come.




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