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I started a photography class this week, and it has raised my passion for photography to a new high. With the gorgeous weather this weekend, I couldn’t wait to get out with my camera. I spent Saturday morning wandering around downtown Nashville, trying to let my eye find those perfect shots. I started at the new plaza in front of the Metro Courthouse. The water fountains were the perfect target for my homework assignment this week. At the far end of the plaza are pools of water running over black marble slabs. I took several shots there trying to catch reflections in the water, but it was running too fast for any spectacular shots. I was able to get a nice shot of the Regions Bank building reflecting off the pools.

When I made my way down to Riverfront Park, I was able to get several shots of the downtown skyline. I saw the bluest sky yesterday I have seen in a very long time. I spent several minutes just staring at the sky, soaking up the peaceful energy. The shot in this post is of the Riverfront flags, with the AT&T building in the background.

I walked across the Shelby Street Bridge, and was lucky to catch the Nashville Fire Department doing some practices in the LP Stadium parking lot. They were spraying water across the parking lot with the ladder truck, and I took several pictures. Again, these were good pictures for my homework this week. I walked pass LP Stadium toward the river and the General Jackson was loading at Riverfront. It was the perfect shot to catch the General Jackson parked in front the Nashville skyline.

As I walking back to the car, I passed a homeless man in a wheelchair who asked me if I wanted to take his picture. He was a very nice man, and I took a couple of pictures of him. He was selling newspapers and held one up while I took his picture. He was so proud of himself. Of course I had to buy one of the papers.

Saturday was the perfect day for taking pictures. It seemed liked the gods planned the morning out just for me.

General Jackson

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