The Mayan Oracle

Last night I told Greg that I wanted to go browse around a book store, so we went to a Books-A-Million near our house. I didn’t have any books in mind I wanted to buy, but I just felt the urge to go. We were looking around the New Age section when I spotted a copy of “The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light”. It was sitting on the shelf at eye level, and was whispering pick me. The package was shrink wrapped so I couldn’t see the cards, but I knew instantly that I wanted it. I opened […]

Unitarian Universalist

Today Greg and I became official members of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville. If you’ve read my other posts and the About Me page, then you know I consider myself Spiritual and not religious. I have studied and experienced many religions and philosophies, and consider myself a blend of all of them. My journey is not over, and I know I will add more to my spiritual soup as my life continues. At the UU Church, my spiritual beliefs and growth is accepted and appreciated. The fact that my husband and I are accepted, and can sit together […]

The Calling

I’ve heard it said many times God is calling you What does that mean Will I hear a loud booming voice in my sleep Will I hear the whisper of a mother’s coaxing How will I know this voice from all the others in my head Or is it a voice that I created Sometimes I think I hear this voice Like a voice crying out in the night It plants thoughts in my mind before I sleep It tells me of a purpose in my life It calms me so I sleep But it leaves me before I wake […]


Yesterday I was reading a book about Buddhism, as I often do these days, and gained a new insight into karma. I’ve read this particular book a few times before, but never understood the real meaning of karma. Maybe I am finally ‘getting it’, or maybe I am beginning to listen in a new way. Usually when I think of karma and try to apply it in my life, I get stuck in a duality of right and wrong, good and bad. I suppose that comes from my Christian past, trying to relate karma to heaven and hell. If I […]

Christian Buddhist

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a need for ‘being’. Being what I’m not really sure. My adult life has been filled with experiences of different paths. Each was an exciting adventure, but eventually the excited faded as the new wore off. Recently I’ve pondered if you can ever really go back to your roots after you have experimented with so many different ideas. Can you ever truly move away from the belief system in which you were born? Can you take the new ideas of what you have learned, and apply them to your roots? I […]

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