Creating My Future

The last few years, I have spent many days thinking about my future. What am I going to do when I retire from my current day job? What am I going to be when I grow up? What path will I choose that allows me to use the right side of my brain, grow my hair long, become a hippie, and hang out all day in coffee shops? These thoughts have been the top requirements for my next career, and there are others. You can create a lot of stress when you tie this many requirements to one decision, and […]

Catching Up

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but life has been a little crazy for the past few weeks.  At least I have been a bit crazy, and haven’t been able to formulate my thoughts.  Life seems to be changing, new directions becoming apparent, and it’s all good.  Friends and family know that my life has been filled with hellish overtones the past 3 years.  All those stressors are gone now, and the universe is open with possibilities again. One would think that after going through a really rough period of bad events and bad people, you would be prepared for […]

Eulogy for my grandmother

My grandmother passed from this life on February 7, 2011 at the grand age of 84. She was one of those people that loved everyone, and everyone loved her. Like all of us, she could have her moments, and at the age 84 she was allowed. But you never walked away from her doubting that she loved you, cared about you, wished you only the best in life. Sadly her funeral did not pay homage to her wonderful life. We spent an hour listening to her fundamentalist pastor preach on hell, suffering, and her sinful grandchildren. Since she only has […]

The Four Agreements

I didn’t have a good week at the office; actually it was filled with stress and betrayal. Stress can be remedied fairly quickly with a hot bath and a glass of wine. I can’t find the delete button for the feelings of betrayal though. I guess that comes in time. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with the details. But I will say, this betrayal came from someone I wanted to trust. I have been lied to, taken advantage of, and thrown under the bus so someone else could protect themselves. Today I feel like I was run […]

Karmic Tornado

Karma: for every action there is a reaction. My question for today is do we have any control over the reaction, and should we? When one believes as I do that there is no divine plan for every action and event, and sometimes shit just happens because of poor choices people make, is there any recourse for the reactions left in their wake? There are people that blow through your life like a tornado, wreaking havoc and destruction in their path, yet never seeming to be harmed themselves. While they create destruction every place they touch down, they themselves seem […]

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