Yesterday I was reading a book about Buddhism, as I often do these days, and gained a new insight into karma. I’ve read this particular book a few times before, but never understood the real meaning of karma. Maybe I am finally ‘getting it’, or maybe I am beginning to listen in a new way. Usually when I think of karma and try to apply it in my life, I get stuck in a duality of right and wrong, good and bad. I suppose that comes from my Christian past, trying to relate karma to heaven and hell. If I […]

Christian Buddhist

The past couple of weeks have been filled with a need for ‘being’. Being what I’m not really sure. My adult life has been filled with experiences of different paths. Each was an exciting adventure, but eventually the excited faded as the new wore off. Recently I’ve pondered if you can ever really go back to your roots after you have experimented with so many different ideas. Can you ever truly move away from the belief system in which you were born? Can you take the new ideas of what you have learned, and apply them to your roots? I […]

On Culture and Tradition

Today we went to the Greek Festival held at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. The Greek Festival is an annual event, but this was our first visit. There were a few vendors, and several Greek food tents. I tried the souvlaki. It was good but not my favorite. They had a beer and wine booth, although we chose to not drink. We walked through the inside of the church, and listened to a discussion on the history of the church. The smell of incense greeted us at the door reminding me how much I miss the Catholic Church. The […]

Nashville Photography

I started a photography class this week, and it has raised my passion for photography to a new high. With the gorgeous weather this weekend, I couldn’t wait to get out with my camera. I spent Saturday morning wandering around downtown Nashville, trying to let my eye find those perfect shots. I started at the new plaza in front of the Metro Courthouse. The water fountains were the perfect target for my homework assignment this week. At the far end of the plaza are pools of water running over black marble slabs. I took several shots there trying to catch […]

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