Soul Clearing

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had two ‘clearing’ sessions with an intuitive healer. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the general idea is to remove the blocks that keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose…those events from your past that you turn into beliefs about yourself. The healer found that most of my beliefs were related to family crap from my childhood. No big surprise there. The day after the first session started off normal, but by midday I felt like I was catching a bug, maybe even the flu. I’m sure that was […]

Scared of who I am

I haven’t been writing any blog entries lately because frankly I didn’t know what to say. There always seems to be something inside of me that is begging to come out, but when I sit down to write….NOTHING. The past few days I have been reading others’ blogs, and various articles, and I’ve seen a pattern emerging. It started with a cute picture on Facebook that mentioned being scared of who you are. I have read several Twitter posts about being your self, along with quotes and blogs about being true to your self. I think the Universe is sending […]

It Gets Better, or Does It?

I read an article this week about another teenager that committed suicide after being bullied at school. Ironically, this particular teenager had recorded one of the viral YouTube videos for the It Gets Better campaign. The death of this teenager is an example of the fundamental failure of our society to take care of our children. And yes, I used the word death. I refuse to soften this writing with the politically correct word “teenage suicide”. Another child is dead. His family and friends had to attend his funeral, and watch his burial. His parents mourn for his soul today. […]

A Case for Truth

Last night I watched a documentary titled “A Case for Christ” about one man’s journey from atheism to Christianity. The documentary is about a supposedly hardcore atheist who embarks on a personal mission to prove whether or not the story of Jesus is real. Being a journalist for a popular news agency, he has access to many resources to either prove or disprove the existence of the Christ. Many interviews with religious scholars are presented supporting the virgin birth, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. Of course in the end, the guy is convinced, and becomes a Christian. There was […]

Removing God

Can Unitarian Universalists Make It Another 50 Years? After reading this article from about the Unitarian Universalist Church, I have to question if the title shouldn’t have been can the church survive at all, instead of can it last another 50 years. This article begins with an apology from a lay minister that the word God had been removed from that Sunday’s program, supposedly so the humanists wouldn’t be offended. This sounds like the equivalent of doing something you know you shouldn’t, then asking for forgiveness later. It doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t have done it to […]

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