Dove Nest

While I was mowing the grass on the side of our house, I looked up and noticed a new dove’s nest in the holly tree. I hope this means more baby doves in our back yard. We had two doves last year that stayed close to the back yard. This year they began drinking out of the pond. They will stand at the top of the waterfall and drink from the rocks. If the waterfall isn’t running, and we come out on the patio, they will stand there and look at us like “Why isn’t the water on?” Early in […]


Today is the last day of my vacation, and it’s been a great one. I’m so glad we chose to stay at home this time. I needed some down time from work, and didn’t want to return to the office tired from traveling. Greg and I have spent some quality time together this week. I enjoy our chats about the future, our home, our writing, and our dreams. We’ve been swimming, shopping, hanging out in coffee houses, and working on our writing. We made a trip to the farmer’s market and bought fresh vegetables and organic meats. I feel so […]

On God

As I work on my newest book idea about God, several questions come to mind about who God is, and what He/She is to me. I believe that God is the universe. God is creation, not necessarily limited to being a creator. God is everything and everyone. He/She is ever evolving, ever growing, not limited by the scope and words of man. God is found in every person, every animal, every mineral. He/She is not separated from man as a king or ruler to be worshiped and feared from a distance, He/She is the very essence of life and love […]

Summer Solstice 2010

Yesterday Greg and I attended a Summer Solstice ritual and feast with some pagan friends of ours. It was so nice to see them again, after taking a sabbatical from the pagan community. I love my witchy friends! Summer Solstice is a celebration of the beginning of summer. It is one of the eight sabbats (holidays) of the pagan calendar, which form the wheel of the year. At the beginning of summer, the days start getting shorter, marking the transcending into the darker part of the wheel of the year. It’s a time to be thankful to the gods for […]


Greg and I went to the local UU church today for Easter service. This was our second Sunday to the UU, and it seems to be a very good fit for us. The UU gives us a group of people to fellowship with, which is something I have missed lately, and doesn’t require us to change or hide what we really believe. I am pagan at heart, always been a witch and always will be; I am a little bit Buddhist, and try to incorporate the mindfulness training into my daily life; I would not call myself Christian by today’s […]

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