Boston and God

Like everyone in this country, my heart sank when I first heard the news about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. The sadness is only out-weighed by the stories of the heroes who took action to save lives and limbs. There truly are good people in the world. Sadly, there are also nuts in this world. I’m already hearing stories about Westboro picketing the funerals, saying God sent the bombs because he hates fags. That ridiculous, asinine bunch is an embarrassment to mankind. I’m sure there are those that are saying where was God, or why did God let this happen? No […]

Source of Healing Energy

A lady called recently inquiring about a Reiki treatment, and asked me where the source of my energy comes from.  The question caught me off guard and I fumbled with my answer for a few seconds.  The question makes me wonder how many people worry if there is something magical involved in the healing energies.  My answer is NO, there is nothing magical, and especially nothing dark, about it. By definition, Reiki is a healing modality that uses the Universal Life Force energy for healing, balance, and rejuvenation.  Universal Life Force is the energy that flows through all living things:  […]

Retirement: A New Beginning

This month I officially retired after 28 years with the same employer. Yay me! I had intended to work a couple of more years, but sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you planned. I firmly believe that Spirit took over, kicked my ass, and said you are out of there. She had been telling me this for a while, but of course I didn’t listen, acting as if I was in complete control. OK, lessons learned, listen to Spirit when she speaks or she will not speak softly the second time. If you have looked at the pages on […]

Dorms and Dads

I helped my daughter move into her dorm yesterday. Freshman year! She was so excited, and I was excited for her. Although she is still six years old in my mind, I am enjoying watching her become a young woman and take her place in this world. She is self-confident and knows what she wants from life. I wish I had been like that at 18 years old. The day did not go exactly as planned. Last weekend we went dorm room shopping. We picked up the typical stuff: refrigerator, microwave, new printer, desk supplies, cleaning supplies, and some new […]

I am a Writer

I am a writer. There are some days when all I can think about is writing. This sounds like a good thing, though some days it can be a burden. I get caught up in the all the definitions and opinions of what a writer is or should be. Instead of spending time writing, I spend my time deciding what to write, planning to write, or worrying about the reading audience, and at the end of the day I haven’t written one word. I have many ideas for books. And as of today, they are still ideas. I have started […]

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