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Nashville Reiki Reflexology MenIs a Reiki session different for men? Yes and no. It’s still the same wonderful, peaceful, healing energy. I created this page to hopefully make my services more appealing to men. I have found in my practice that sometimes men are not as open to trying complementary and alternative healing modalities, including reflexology and energy work. So I am adapting my practice to make a more comfortable and welcoming environment.

You can be confident that all sessions with me are 100% confidential and judgement free. There is no need to worry that I will discuss your session with anyone. You can also be certain that I am here to assist you with your healing journey, and will never judge the details you wish or need to discuss. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. You will be given a chance to talk about your session before we begin, and again at the end of your session if you wish.

I provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for everyone. Session always include calming music, candles, a warm massage table. Evening sessions can be candlelight sessions. Aromatherapy is also available. So whether you are working on areas for healing, or you just need to relax and unwind from being stressed, Reiki and/or Reflexology sessions are a great way to start.

You can use the button below to schedule your session online, or call/text me at 615-802-8121 for more information. You will need to contact me for late evening appointments.

60 Minute Reiki = $60
90 Minute Reiki = $90
90 Minute Reiki & Reflexology = $90
60 Minute Reflexology = $45

You can schedule your appointment here:
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