House Blessing

House Blessing services are used to bless a home and remove negative energies. This is an excellent ritual when purchasing a new house, or trying to sell a house.  Blessings and cleansing services can also be performed for businesses. The cost of a house blessing is $75 in the Davidson County, Nashville Tennessee area. Additional travel charges apply for areas outside of Davidson Co. Please contact me for details.

The blessing includes smudging the building inside and out, sweeping away negative energy, blessing doors and windows with House Blessing oil, and prayers.

This is a test testimonial from one of the House Blessings I recently performed for a couple trying to sell a house:

“Thank you! Thank you! I just wanted to give you an update.   You came to the house I was selling and cleared the negative energy for me.   10 days later we were presented with an all cash/quick close offer.   You will remember the house as most of the negative energy was around a large mirror in the great room.  We are set to close.”

A House Blessing normally takes about an hour, depending on the size of the building.

Please contact me at 615-802-8121 to schedule an appointment for a House Blessing or Cleansing. This service must be prepaid. You can pay be credit card over the phone, or a Paypal invoice can be sent to you.