What should I do before I arrive for my healing session?

On the day of your session, and especially on your way to the session, be mindful of your reasons for wanting to heal. Put your intentions out to the Universe of your intent to be healed.

What should I do after my healing session?

The healing session will start the process of detoxing your body and soul. You should drink lots of water the first 24 hours after a session to speed up and help the detox process. Some people experience what is known as a healing crisis. A healing crisis is comparable to the way people sometimes feel bad the first few hours after they start taking antibiotics. While your body is in detox mode, you could feel tired, and feel like you are catching a cold. Not everyone experiences this, and it doesn’t last very long. If you experience these symptoms, get lots of rest and continue to drink water. Contact Roy if you have any questions. The minor irritation for a day is well worth the positive effects of being truly healed.  Most people feel peaceful and calm after their session.

What should I wear to my session?

Please dress comfortably for your session. You will be asked to remove your shoes, and remove or loosen your belt if you wear one. You will remain completely clothed during your session. Blankets are available if you get cold during your session.

Can the 3-session packages for Reiki or Shamanic healing be used by more than one person, or do I have to use them all myself?

Feel free to use the package any way you like. Using the package deal to offer healing to others is a great gift.

Are the sessions and conversations during a session kept confidential?

Absolutely. Roy never shares with anyone what happens or is discussed during a healing session. You are encouraged to share openly during your session, as this is part of the healing process. However, there is never any pressure to discuss the personal details of your life or history. Only discuss those things you are comfortable sharing.

Is it OK to ask questions during the session?

Feel free to ask any questions you have. There are no rules, and you are welcome to be as interactive as you like. It is also acceptable to spend the time quiet and relaxed.

Do you offer Reiki classes and attunements?

Yes, please visit the Classes page for details.

Are you available for hospital or hospice visits?

Yes, Roy will visit clients in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers for healing sessions.  Reiki is a wonderful modality for these environments to promote healing, boost the immune system, and calm those or are close to passing over.

Will you barter or trade services?

Absolutely, if it’s something needed or wanted.

Are scholarships available for those who can’t afford services?

Yes, Roy likes to give back to the Universe.  Please contact Roy to discuss your situation.

Are you available for corporate or special events?

Yes, depending on the schedule.  Contact Roy to discuss your needs.


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